Job hunting is a difficult topic. Like everyone else I’ve been through it and I share my personal insights and some tips here. 


Let’s start with some questions that Hiring Managers love to ask and my (true) answers. 

My Manager is the Vice President of Technology and a kind and respectful person. He listens to me and let me lead the BE (Business Excellence) team on his behalf.

I perceive him as supportive. He delegates well and gives me great challenges (I like challenges!). 

I am free to get stuck on some good projects for example the global roll-out of Agile and add sub-projects and implement an Agile Hub. He lets me do things my own way without being managed too much. 

He would say that I am organized, reliable I never let him down, good with the team. He sees me as Stakeholder focused and a creative problem solver. 

I resigned from my previous position to relocate (from China to the US) to relocate due to the new position of my partner and for family reasons. 

While managing the logistics of the move I studied trends and took several courses to extend my CSM (Certified Scrum Master) certification.

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